Jan 17, 2024
2 mins read

Why should every business utilize Ad Hoc Reports?

Ad Hoc Reports are personalized analytical summaries generated in real-time to fulfill urgent business needs. Unlike standard reports, these provide precise and detailed information tailored to specific requirements.

Concerning the Ad Hoc Report, take the example of the trending “Mala Xingou” food, widely embraced by many. This year, “Mala Xingou” has gained even more popularity, with an increasing number of establishments offering it. However, to surpass typical sales and elevate the prominence of “Mala Xingou,” understanding customer perceptions becomes crucial. When crafting an Ad Hoc Report, one can analyze “Mala Xingou” content from regular Malashamko content based on specific needs.

1. “Which store is the preferred choice for consumers seeking ‘Mala Xingou’?”
2. “Which ‘Mala Xingou’ shop are users discussing using relevant hashtags?”
3. “Which restaurant stands out for its superior taste?”
4. “Does any shop excel not just in food but also in service?”

By scrutinizing the aspects of interest in detail, the Ad Hoc Report enables the identification of areas requiring adjustment. This process facilitates the generation of specific sentiments that shed light on the overall situation and business landscape as perceived by users, all achieved through Magnify Myanmar’s Ad Hoc Report. For campaigns that have been executed, the Ad Hoc Report offers a detailed study of user engagement, allowing for an in-depth assessment of the campaign’s effectiveness and reach. Through Magnify Myanmar’s Ad Hoc Report, one can gain a comprehensive understanding of these details, including monitoring improvements post-report generation.

Businesses should leverage Ad Hoc Reports based on their unique needs. This specialized reporting, focused on Social Media, ensures accurate data representation crucial for your business. The proficiency of Magnify Myanmar’s Research Team in crafting Ad Hoc Reports proves highly advantageous for your business.

Magnify Myanmar’s Research Team employs Social Listening, utilizing local experts to gather comprehensive data about your business on Social Media and present it through a personalized Reporting Service. This exclusive reporting service reveals unusual news content and information relevant to your business. Ad Hoc Reports are instrumental in crisis management, staying updated on trending topics, and assessing both your and competitors’ marketing campaign conditions on social media. Utilizing Magnify Myanmar’s Social Listening, you can create essential Ad Hoc Reports, receive expert advice from the Market Research Team, and ensure the success of your business.

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