Privacy Policy

Magnify Social is committed to safeguarding the Personal Data of Users. This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) is part of the Terms of Service (ToS). Each term defined in the ToS has the same meaning in the Privacy Policy.

By using the Services, users agree to abide and be bound by this Privacy Policy, which may be modified or updated from time to time without notice. In this event the update will be displayed on Magnify Social’s websites.

I. Nature of Personal Data Collected by Magnify Social

Magnify Social collects and processes data that Users voluntarily provide in order to access or use its Services and data related to Users’ preferences and traffic (such as IP addresses).

The purposes of this data processing are to enable Users to create an Account for accessing the Services, constantly improve the Services, and send commercial offers to Users.

Users need to open an Account and provide Magnify Social with at least the following personally identifiable data to use the Services:


Email address;

Company name.

Users may complete their profile with other Personal Data (their address, etc.).

Magnify Social will never collect or process Personal Data pertaining to, directly or indirectly, race, health, sexual orientation, political, philosophical, or religious views.

II. Non-Personal Identifiable Data & Cookies
2.1. Traffic

Traffic data are generated when Users’ terminals connect to the internet and are not sufficient alone to identify them. Magnify Social may collect the following data: origin of the connection, type and version of Users internet browser, length of connection, etc.

Such data may be used for statistical purposes to analyze the traffic and to improve the Services. Traffic data are always processed anonymously.

2.2. Cookies

Magnify Social places cookies on Users’ terminals. These small files may contain, for instance, traffic data and Users’ preferences.

The purposes of the cookies placed by Magnify Social are to:

authenticate Users (session ID cookies);

record Users’ visits and activities and to restore their web pages in order to enable certain features of the Services or Magnify Social’s websites;

send targeted commercial offers to Users.

Magnify Social authorizes its partners to place cookies on Users’ terminals to collect Users’ data for marketing and statistical purposes.

Cookies are mandatory to use some of the Services and consequently must be accepted by Users. Users can configure their browser to disable cookies or to prompt them before accepting a cookie from the websites they visit. If Users disable cookies, however, they may not be able to use all portions of Magnify Social’s websites or all functionalities of the Services.

III. Processing of Users’ Personal Data

Magnify Social collects and processes Users’ Personal Data in a fair and lawful manner and in respect of their rights. Magnify Social is the entity responsible for processing Users’ Personal Data.

IV. Retention of Users’ Personal Data

4.1. Security

The Personal Data that Users communicate to Magnify Social are hosted by Magnify Social. Magnify Social uses its best efforts to prevent any interference with Users’ Personal Data such as loss, diversion, intrusion, unauthorized divulgation, alteration, or destruction.

4.2. Term

Without prejudice to the following paragraph, the Personal Data processed by Magnify Social will be deleted three (3) months after the cancellation of Users Account.

Magnify Social is under duty keeping during one (1) year the following Personal Data as from the creation, change or deletion of Users Content:

Identifier of connection;

Identifier given by the computer;

Types of protocols;

Nature of the operation;

Date and hour of the operation;

Identifier used by the author of the operation.

4.3. Cancellation of Account

Users may request that their Account be cancelled pursuant to the ToS. Their data will be deleted by Magnify Social without prejudice to section 4.2 above.

V. Communication from Magnify Social

Magnify Social may send emails to Users to the address associated with their account for technical or administrative purposes or to inform Users of the evolution of its Service. Magnify Social will not send Users commercial offers unrelated to Magnify Social.

Magnify Social will never send to Users commercial email if they refused to receive it.

VI. Transfer of Users’ Personal Data

Magnify Social undertakes not to share Users’ Personal Data with or transfer them to third parties unless they have consented prior to said sharing or transfer. Magnify Social will never share Users personal data with third parties that do not guarantee an adequate protection.

Magnify Social may provide Users’ Personal Data if required by law or compelled by a court of law.

VII. Right to Access, Modify and Delete Users’ Personal Data

Users have the right to access, modify, object to the processing of, and request the deletion of the Personal Data collected or processed by Magnify Social (excepted as provided in section IV.).

Users may exercise this right by writing to Magnify Social.

Users may also modify their Personal Data directly from their Account.

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